SAT Essay - Do people put too much emphasis on winning?

SAT Essay


Assignment - Do people put too much emphasis on winning?

Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations.

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Re:SAT Essay - Do people put too much emphasis on winning?

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"You play to win the game." This is commonly said, widely expected, and much celebrated throughout our society big or small. The benefits of winning certainly out-weight the consequence of loosing by a great margin, as can be easily measured by the prize, the fame, the implication for future financial outcome. And there is a solid reason for this. Through the examples of The Kite Runner and a personal experience of mine in which winning played a key factor in me gaining confidence for life, I will show how it is proper to place a high emphasis on winning.

When a person doubts himself, it is important for him to receive an invocation from a person older and more wise. This was the case in the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Housenni, in which the main character, Amir, a boy living in Afghanistan and got involved with the community in sports and other recreational activities. He takes on the sport of Kite Running, which was quite a popular sport in Afghanistan at the time. Although he had grandiose aspirations of becoming a great kite runner, after his first attempt he knew he was not up to par with his peers. He desperately needed help, and his father whom he called "Baba" was just the right man for that. Baba put an exceptional amount of emphasis on winning. The mere fact that Amir's father believed Amir had potential to win brought Amir much needed confidence, which in turn helped outgrow drives, powers, drills, and eventually out-performance and triumph. It is a prime example of how there can never be "too much" emphasis on winning.

In every competitive situation where there is an option of winning and loosing, who would choose loosing? And why! This simple thought is something most people fail to realize when they say "You are putting too much emphasis on winning". When I was small and was first put on the junior high football team and through probably some effort but mostly sheer luck, we were hanging in and moving on to play in the “championship” game, among just a few teams competing for the game. Although we were heavy underdogs, we came out of this game as league champions. The credit of our win should go, in my view, solely to our coach, who emphasized winning so much, that loosing was not an option for us, even with all the unfavorable factors we all knew. In most activities in life, on needs confidence in order to serve his best. Focusing, thinking, and building winning, and taking nothing else, the results were simply magnificent.

There can never be "too much" emphasis on winning, or for that matter, anything that is ultimately beneficial. The more emphasis that is put on winning, the more one realizes he can, should, and must accomplish his or her task. The quote by Herman Edwards is crystal clear, showing that loosing should never be an option. Next time you are competing, competing to win. Anything else? That is nonsense.

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