SAT Essay - Is disagreement necessary to progress?

SAT Essay - Is disagreement necessary to progress?

2013-3-17 14:47:19

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Re:SAT Essay - Is disagreement necessary to progress?

Every conflict, such as difference in opinion, which is the simplest form of conflict that brews in mind, is a true source of power for progress. Conflict is the center point of society. Everything from movies to nations are constantly involved in one conflict or another. Many say we should have peace, stop all conflict. Conflict, however, is what makes our lives interesting. Conflict is foreseeable and if it ever ceased to exist, life would have no meaning. Conflict, not necessarily war, is both necessary and inevitable. This is what I believe.

Conflict is everywhere. It is in the media every day and in basically every aspect of people’s lives. Perhaps the most obvious place conflict appears in people’s lives is in movies. Good movies have a few essential elements; a good plot, relatable characters, and a solid conflict. Movies would simply be boring without conflict. If no one got angry at anyone else or there wasn’t any disagreement, what would the movie be about? This is why the public enjoys movies. They are a little break from reality. If people went to see a movie where nothing happened, the theater would likely have lawsuits on their hand.

Republican governments like the United State’s need conflict to continue to exist. There are conflicts in the Senate and House every day of their operation as there rightfully should be. What if all laws went totally unopposed because no one was willing to cause a conflict of interest by opposing the bill? Taxpayers would be swimming up to their necks in ridiculous regulations and a thoughtless bureaucracy would arise. Courts would also be completely asunder. If there was no conflict, no one would be on trial at all and the judicial system would be obsolete.

A society without conflict would be dull and bland. All our out entertainment would be rendered utterly valueless as it would be about nothing and we would stop advancing. Almost all human progress comes from conflict. In the American Revolution, the need to sink enemy ships without detection brought about the submarine. Today it is used for a plethora of scientific research projects. Many conflicts besides the American Revolution have also been catalysts for invention.

Not just military conflicts cause human progress. What about when the United States was building the Panama Canal; people fought mosquitoes night and day with poisons and look what humans were able to do, almost completely wipe out Panama’s mosquito population. Conflict is what causes human kind to progress. If society is standing still why is anyone even alive? What is society doing? If nothing is being done and you are not indirectly causing progress why are you alive? Without conflict society will not advance, not make new tools and technologies and the people that comprise society might as well be dead.

I believe some degree of conflict is always necessary and beneficial to society. Human kind must progress and conflict is the only way for it to do so. Conflict creates new technology and new opportunity. I believe in seeing new opportunity in every conflict from the very minor to the very expansive.

2013-3-17 14:52:02

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Re:SAT Essay - Is disagreement necessary to progress?

Human progress, in my eyes, is essentially the inevitable and eventual change for the better that goes on everywhere, at all times. It is the ever so gradual step that we as a world community are slowly but constantly taking toward worldwide peace and equality, among other things. I believe that no matter where, if something is going on that is morally or socially wrong, someone will eventually stand up to it and make it right, if not by fixing it, then by using it as an example to try to prevent the same mistakes twice. Although this process may take time, anywhere from a few minutes to a few centuries, this idea of our constant progression as individuals and as a species is something that is widely self-evident both in history and in all of our lives.

This human progress is probably most evident in all of our lives. Just like with the idea itself, though, one can’t just look at moments and glimpses. One has to look at the big picture to see the progression. When I was little, I was a carefree little boy, who would sometimes run around senselessly, watch a lot of television, and cry about the tiniest things. Over the years, however, I’ve grown up. Now, at the adolescent age of 14, I’m anything but carefree. With tests, and homework and a million different social issues all looming over me, I’m much more conscious of what I do and what I say than I used to be, and am consistently growing more mature because of it. I didn’t grow up in a few days, though. It happened steadily, over time.

This idea of human progress plays itself out in history over and over again. Whenever there are problems, there are usually those who fight to overcome them. With the unfairly-heavy taxation on American colonies, there was the American Revolution. With the issue of slavery, there was the Emancipation Proclamation. With nationwide segregation, there was the Civil Rights Movement. While change may not have happened overnight with these big issues, the main idea is that it has, and profoundly at that. However, certain events in history leave many with the impression that little good did happen. I believe that on the contrary, by doing so much bad, these situations actually have led to some of the most profound advancement of human progress. For example, we look at situations like the Holocaust or the Japanese Internment in World War II as dark spots in history, but in doing so, these serve as landmarks on what not to do in the future. Therefore, by happening, these events, bad as they were, help to make the future less bleak.

Every conflict brings us closer to peace. Every rebellion brings us closer to integration. Every disagreement brings us closer to equality. No matter how hard it is to see, we as people are always growing, and learning from our mistakes. We as a species are always gradually getting closer to the resolutions to all problems, and the only way we can go is up. I believe in the power of human progress.

2013-3-17 14:50:39

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