Is it better for people to learn from others than to learn on their own?

People generally put more trust in what they have learned for themselves than in what they learn from others. Few people, however, are really motivated to learn anything on their own. They are much more apt to learn when others are willing to teach them. Even though learning from others means occasionally learning things that are not useful or important, people are still better off when they learn from others.

Is it better for people to learn from others than to learn on their own?

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Re:Is it better for people to learn from others than to learn on their own?

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If we should learn from others or by ourselves is an issue which is hotly debated by people who hold different opinions supported by many reasons of their own. I stand for learning from others for the following reasons: we are unable to learn all the knowledge on our own; we can find some role models from other people; learning from others itself is an important skill to learn.

Undeniably, there is always an amount of knowledge and a number of questions beyond our ability of self-learning and solving, but others may know about the knowledge and the solutions. Even if they don’t know them either, they may still provide us with many inspirations which may help you understand it or solve them. Meanwhile, if we are still spending much time learning on our own, our time will be wasted and we may misunderstand it, too. For instance, Zhang Shouwu, a famous Chinese mathematician who is a professor of Princeton University has generalized the Gross-Zagier theorem by studying with another Chinese mathematician. In about 2007, having been studying for a long time, Zhang Shouwu was still unable to generalize the theorem due to his lack of some models which are some analytic function meeting some functional equations and growth conditions. Then he had to ask Zhang Wei, another Chinese mathematician, to find those models and finally generalized that theorem after getting those models. Therefore, in this respect, it’s necessary to learn from others.

Furthermore, as we learn knowledge, we usually find role models to set up our goals, gain impetus and experience from them. During learning, we will face a lot of difficulties which may prevent us from achieving our goal. At this time, gaining driving force from our role models may be the best way to get over them. Also, we can get much experience from our role models as they are successful and have fulfilled their own dreams. Therefore, in this respect, learning from others is still better than learning on themselves.

Last but not least, learning from others itself is an important skill to learn since we have to learn from others when we come upon the stage. If we are adept in learning from others, we’ll be able to prevent ourselves from making many mistakes which look trivial but are mortal in fact and improve ourselves in a higher speed which gives us more chance to succeed. As a result we need to be good at learning from others.

In conclusion, due to the three reasons above, I hold the opinion that learning from others is better than learning on ourselves and important for us to master.


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