The Vienna Secession

The Vienna Secession (also known as the Union of Austrian Artists, or Vereinigung Bildender Künstler Österreichs) was formed in 1897 by a group of Austrian artists who had resigned from the Association of Austrian Artists, housed in the Vienna Künstlerhaus. This movement included painters, sculptors, and architects. The first president of the Secession was Gustav Klimt, and Rudolf von Alt was made honorary president. Its official magazine was called "Ver Sacrum".
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Re:The Vienna Secession

Secession artists

  • Josef Maria Auchentaller
  • Teodor Axentowicz
  • Bolesław Biegas
  • Julius Exter
  • Stanislaw Debicki
  • Richard Gerstl
  • Max Fabiani
  • Julian Fałat
  • Stefan Filipkiewicz
  • Wlastimil Hofman
  • Carl Holzmann
  • Alfons Karpinski
  • Oskar Kokoschka
  • Konstanty Laszczka
  • Wladyslaw Jarocki
  • Maximilian Pirner
  • Jože Plečnik
  • Kazimierz Pochwalski
  • Jacek Malczewski
  • Józef Mehoffer
  • Carl Moll
  • Koloman Moser
  • Egon Schiele
  • Malva Schalek
  • Othmar Schimkowitz
  • Władysław Ślewiński
  • Jan Stanisławski
  • Wacław Szymanowski
  • Włodzimierz Tetmajer
  • Joseph Maria Olbrich
  • Wojciech Weiss
  • Leon Wyczółkowski
  • Stanisław Wyspiański

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Re:The Vienna Secession

Its style

Unlike other movements, there is not one style that unites the work of all artists who were part of the Vienna Secession. The Secession building could be considered the icon of the movement. Above its entrance was placed the phrase "Der Zeit ihre Kunst. Der Kunst ihre Freiheit." ("To every age its art. To art its freedom."). Secession artists were concerned, above all else, with exploring the possibilities of art outside the confines of academic tradition. They hoped to create a new style that owed nothing to historical influence. In this way they were very much in keeping with the iconoclastic spirit of turn-of-the-century Vienna (the time and place that also saw the publication of Freud's first writings).

The Secessionist style was exhibited in a magazine that the group produced, called Ver Sacrum, which featured highly decorative works representative of the period.

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