how a project fail?

here is a case study of a failed project that presented for crowdfunding.

About this project

This project is a virtual ode to Gustav Klimt, who was a prominent Austrian Symbolist painter and a founding member of the Vienna Secession movement. We want users to travel back in time, visit the scenic views of Austria and get to know the art and time of Gustav Klimt.

Process & Technology

We are using a technology mix of 3D rendering, 360° panorama photography and photorealistic animation techniques to bring the digital Gustav Klimt double back to life, to let us tell his own story.

The end product will be a web-based tour, similar to a game, where you can walk around in a 360° environment and explore the life of Gustav Klimt interactively. Gustav will be there to help guide you, just in case you get lost.

Innovative Christmas gift rewards

We wanted to be innovative provide all backers with something special and so came up with the following ideas.

  1. All backers will be immortalized in the 150th celebration gallery. We will build a large wall with all backer names on this wall.

  2. Christmas is coming soon and therefore every backer will have the possibility to present the 3D tour as a Christmas gift as an online access code, a Gustav Klimt Christmas gift card or a DVD.

Note:  All cards and DVDs can be modified to say "Happy Holidays" rather than "Merry Christmas"

To make our project attractive to larger communities we came up with the idea of branding our project by a customized welcome message, your organizational logo or embedding in your own organizations website.

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Re:how a project fail?

Reason of failure –


1.       not enough information is provided;

2.       there is no marketing pitch, a great artist, yet there is a complete lack of story;

3.       lack of video – without video, it is not alive;

4.       there is a lack of personal touch – who is behind this? A simple public project without personal en effort and endorsement is unattractive

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