Accreditation determines a Building Surveyor's Practice Level.

It allows and limits the type of work they can undertake and reflects the ABCB National Accreditation Framework (NAF) guidelines.

Accreditation assesses:

  • Educational qualifications
  • Work experience
  • Commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Accreditation guidelines and scheme

The Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS) has been reviewing the accreditation guidelines under which it accredits building surveyors, assistant building surveyors and building surveying technicians. We are now able to announce that the review is complete and that the Board of the AIBS has approved the document and its publication on the AIBS website.

The guidelines have been forwarded to all States and Territories that recognise the AIBS as an accreditation authority and the Scheme itself has not had any major structural changes and will operate in a similar vein to the scheme it replaces. It does however cover more areas and is written in a manner that it is more easily understood.

One of the changes involves the naming of the levels of accreditation. The AIBS Board has amended the names of the grades of accreditation to be more in line with the National Accreditation Framework and industry professional practice. The introduction of the name changes came into effect on 28 February 2011.

The highest level, Building Surveyor remains unchanged however, Level 2 and Level 3 have been renamed. Level 2 (formerly Assistant Building Surveyor) is now a Building Surveyor (Limited) which reflects the tertiary education requirement of an Advanced Diploma or equivalent Higher Education Degree. Also, in a number of States, persons with this level of accreditation can issue building consents in their own right which negates the use of the term assistant.

Level 3 accreditation (persons accredited to assess and inspect Class 1 and Class 10 buildings as defined by the Building Code of Australia) has changed from Building Surveying Technician to Assistant Building Surveyor as the Scheme does not allow building consents to be issued by persons accredited at this level.

Please click here to view the AIBS Accreditation Scheme...

The rules in each State

The "rules" for accreditation and who administers them vary from state to state.

AIBS provides accreditation functions in:

  • Australian Capital Territory
  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Nationally for the Department of Defence

All accredited persons must abide by the AIBS Accreditation Code of Professional Conduct...

We do not provide accreditation functions in:

If you are in a state served by AIBS and you want information on accreditation, please email

The process

The accreditation process has three distinct elements


Relevant at the first accreditation or subsequent accreditations if the initial accreditation was allowed to lapse.

Please click here to download the AIBS Accreditation Application...


Relevant on the renewal of a current accreditation.

Please click here to download the AIBS Re-accreditation Application effective 1 July 2012...

The Re-accreditation Policy Notes are to be read in conjunction with your Re-accreditation Application.

Please click here to download the AIBS Re-accreditation Policy Notes...

Upgrading your Accreditation

Relevant for those seeking a higher accreditation classification

Please click here to download the AIBS Accreditation Upgrade Application...

For accreditation the concern is educational qualifications (refer approved courses listing on this site) and demonstrated work experience as judged by appropriately skilled persons.

Please download the AIBS Accreditation Guidelines to Demonstrate Experience to assist in completing your Practical Experience Report here...

For re-accreditation (where the above is already proven and on file) we are concerned with testing commitment to maintaining skills, as outlined in the CPD program.

Please note, the AIBS recommends all Members (whether they need accreditation or not) should aim to achieve the institute CPD standard

  • A minimum of 90 points over the triennium
  • A minimum of 20 points in any one year

Provided an application for re-accreditation complies with the above minimum requirements they have met their accreditation obligation.


CPD is provided and administered by AIBS State Chapters.

Applicants for reaccreditation must clarify their CPD status with their AIBS State Chapter office first, then apply for reaccreditation with the national accreditation office in Adelaide.

A list of AIBS Accredited Tertiary Courses can be viewed here..

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University of South Australia (SA) – Bachelor of Construction Management and Economics (Building Surveying option)

Central Queensland University (Qld) – Bachelor of Building Surveying and Certification (external delivery)

University of Newcastle (NSW) – Bachelor of Construction Management (Building) (internal/external delivery) (provisional accreditation)

Holmesglen Institute (Vic) – Bachelor of Building Surveying (internal/external delivery)
Bond University (Qld) – Graduate Diploma in Building Surveying - currently unavailable. Check with Bond University

Bond University (Qld) – Master of Building Surveying - currently unavailable. Check with Bond University

University of Western Sydney (NSW) – Graduate Diploma in Building Surveying (internal/external delivery) (provisional accreditation)***

University of Western Sydney (NSW) – Master in Building Surveying (internal/external delivery) (provisional accreditation) ***

University of South Australia – Graduate Diploma in Built Environment (Building Surveying) external delivery (provisional accreditation)

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